Delicious Healthy Meals — Locally-sourced Ingredients — Sustainable Presentation

Standard Fare caters for gatherings large and small: business meetings, brown bag lunches, cocktail parties, and elegant buffets as well as intimate dinners, and book clubs. Order platters, beautifully plated, for a simple buffet or ask us to set everything up and stay to serve. And we are always at the ready to help craft an enticing menu and stage your unique, unforgettable celebration.

Please contact us to discuss details and pricing. or 510.356.2261

Lunch Catering

  • Brown bag
  • Platters
  • Custom

Dinner Catering

  • Platters
  • Custom

Sample Menus

Workshop Lunch:
Sandwich platter:
 Roast pork and marinated greens with caper aioli and pickled onions
 Baked ricotta with marinated greens and arugula
A bowl of mixed pickles
Quinoa salad with marinated artichokes, picholine olives, lemon zest, and parsley

Garden Party:
Sandwich platter with mixed pickles
Caramelized onion and kale frittata
Marinated chickpeas with sheep’s-milk feta, mint, cilantro, and Marash pepper
Butter lettuce and pepper cress salad with artichoke tapenade and Banyuls vinegar
Rhubarb upside-down cake
Bittersweet chocolate pudding

Baby shower:
Brothy carrot and spring onion soup
Cauliflower and caramelized onion frittata
Lentil salad with marjoram, mint, and parsley
Little Gems with radishes, asparagus, and creamy Meyer lemon dressing
Garlic toasts
Vanilla pot de crème with strawberry compote
Coconut macaroons