Our Community is very important to us.
For every main course we sell, we donate one dollar to various local food justice and food security nonprofits, to help those in need and to maintain the land we farm.

The Food Causes We Currently Support

Alameda Food Bank
City Slicker Farms

Standard Fare could never have happened without our wonderful, hardworking community.

Experts Who Helped

Dave Brandon, signs
Patricia Curtan, logotype & artworks
Penny Dedel, number magic and office wisdom
Wellington Dong, woodwonder
Garcia & Son Electric, electrical installation
Honey Crown Ltd., gaskets
Adam Hull, software engineer par excellence
Susan Kopman, accounting
Alyson Kuhn, wordsmith
Lunera Lighting, lights
Jered Nelson, ceramic pots
Brian Ng, web developer guru
Neal Pauline, more woodwonder
Pacassa Studios, design and furniture makers
Vanessa Yap-Einbund, website design

Famers & Purveyors We Love

Blue Heron Farm
Dirty Girl Produce
Full Belly Farm
Kashiwase Farms
Knoll Farm
La Tercera Farm
Massa Organics
Monterey Fish
Riverdog Farm
Star Route
The Local Butcher Shop
Watson Farm