What People Are Saying About Standard Fare

Our rockfish entree was simply perfect last night– no not simply, but rather evidence of your superior knowledge, execution and generous intent. I have also tasted the soup, the cake, the tabouleh and must admit to devouring the salted caramel custard and pining for a much larger portion. Everything has been a revelation of deliciousness! I am so looking forward to regularly stocking my refrigerator… –J.H.

The dishes work really well. We put them all in the oven as instructed and all were ready and heated through as they should be at the same time. It makes a pretty presentation to take them from the oven and set them onto plates. A nice bonus is that the food stays warm at the table in the ovenproof dishes. They were washed in the dishwasher, no problem, and then back in the bag for return. –P.C.

It was so great to have a no waste meal. And the food was delicious! –N.U.

The presentation, the quality and the taste were top notch. I will look forward to your other offerings. –M.P.